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Retro Trip – Bionic Commando

I dug deep into the vault and pulled out a forgotten gem of a game to retro trip with, Bionic Commando. Bionic Commando is one of those titles for the NES that appears to often be overlooked by many gamers but has gained somewhat of a cult following over the years. A retro remake was […]

Retro Trip: The Legend of Dragoon

I recently found a good stack of my old PlayStation games I had collected over the years. A few I remembered playing back in high school, spending tired-eyed nights with those classics. One of them I remembered being good and enjoyable but twenty years of wear and tear on my memory has fragmented it a […]

It’s Been A Minute, What’s Up?

Hey everyone, as you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t been posting my regular weekly round-up. Well, things have been a bit busy in my world and things sometimes get a little crazy. Anyways, I’ve been tossing around some ideas and hope to get back on a more regular posting schedule. Here’s a […]

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