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NES A to Z – G: GI Joe: The Atlantis Factor – Update

Whoa! Last night turned out to be a late one! I’m a little tired this morning but the good news is that this game is pretty solid and I’ve been having a great time playing it. In fact, it looks like I’m pretty close to finishing the game! I do remember this game being pretty […]

NES A to Z – G: GI Joe: The Atlantis Factor – First Looks

Hello again! Last night I played GI Joe: The Atlantis Factor for a good hour and so far I’ve been enjoying it. I remember it being pretty good back in the day, so it’s good to see this game has stood the test of time. Let’s jump in and take a look: The sound and […]

NES A to Z – G: GI Joe: The Atlantis Factor

Hey there! I’m back with another random game for my A-Z series! We’re to the letter G now and the game I’ll be playing is GI Joe: The Atlantis Factor. I’m pretty familiar with this game, I’ve played it before in the past and I remember it being a pretty fun run and gun platformer. […]

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